We’re running out of water. Read these books whose stories flow around it

In his beloved poem, the Filipino poet Conchitina Cruz said: “Think of the rest of the water and rises in the streets, it is a shame that the water that floods the houses, dark and dirty and heavy and rat leaves and Plastic. The way the water should be ashamed to have done so. ”

In these books throughout the subcontinent, he speaks of water, protests, rejoices and weeps. In our times, these books, through poetry, graphic novels, nonfiction and fiction, explored a variety of topics – from the maritime history of India to the modernization of threats to small fishermen and Water in the cities with simple pleasures and disappearing from rain bodies and water.

Growing up on the banks of the Ganges River, Jha has always been attracted to water and marine life. Hour living in the district of Bihar Madhubani, Jha has dedicated to see women practice the traditional art of Madhubani, which has been made with sticks and brushes and pigments and natural dyes.

Using geometric patterns, aesthetically pleasing artistic form, Jha created the graphic novel, Waterlife. As a new father, he used blue, green and orange in his drawings of the underwater world to express a deeply felt happiness. Some of the illustrations in the book can be seen in the brain Harvests, where Maria Popova called one of the best books she has ever seen in her life.

When Sengupta moved from Mumbai to Bangalore, he would be driving around town, going round and round, as if he were looking for something. I realized recently when I returned to Bombay I was looking for water at all of these endless night drives.

His first collection of poems is obsessed with water – the sea and rain in his hometown. In the poem headline, she writes: “On the outside, relentless fall – can make people angry.” Some poems from the collection that won the young writer Muse India prices can be read here and here.

Subramanien follows the culture of fishing along the coast of India to reveal stories, folklore and traditions – as a remedy against asthma consisting in swallowing a live fish, the rivalry between the East and West Bengal River, whose Best fish Hilsa spicy Karimeen fish served with punch to encourage customers to drink more and more.

This history of cooking and local customs is accompanied by comments on overfishing by trawlers away from traditional small fishermen. Poems from nine poems about rivers in India have been collected in this anthology by the poet and critic K Satchidanandan.

The book opens with a water edge of the Rigveda. The collection is named after a poem by Rabindranath Tagore, which celebrates the scenes of rural life in Bengal along a river.

The poems vary widely in tone, Mamang Dai – who points out that “in the small villages of the river / we all want to walk with the gods” – to Amrita Pritam – who said: “River water / Ganges vodka / Stretching relationship Journey of my thirst. “Of many languages, the anthology is a diverse party of rivers in India.

The protagonist of the graphic novel by Sarnath Banerjee is a plumber who for a long time, due to the scarcity of water delivered in New Delhi, is used to drill the center of the earth in search of the mythical river Saraswati and lost which is believed That the source of water, is the only solution to the crisis.

Satire is a humorous criticism of the human tendency to take natural resources into account. Delhi class wars taking place in the background while continuing the search for Saraswati.

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