Turkey Secures Laptop Ban Exemption

Turkey Secures Laptop Ban Exemption

Turkish Airlines said it expects measures to ban large electronic devices in cockpits from aircraft leaving Istanbul for the United States.

To be lifted Wednesday, while restrictions to the long-distance competitor United account will be removed from its hub in Dubai in the near future.

Turkey Air shares rose 2.4 percent following comments from Bilal Eksi’s CEO on Twitter late on Monday.

United for its part said it was “working hard” with the authorities to implement improved airport security guidelines required by the US Department of Homeland Security to ensure exemption from the ban.

“We hope we received validation that all measures have been successfully implemented so that the ban on electronics could be lifted as soon as possible for our flights to the US,” the company said in Persian an email .

Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, has become the first airport to see the ban on laptops Sunday lifted, with the help of a pre-clearance system in which passengers are subject to the United States.

Border checks before boarding the plane. The lifting of the ban in major centers of the Middle East will serve as an asset to carriers after the measures have taken some customers to switch to airlines where they could still use large personal devices along the way.

United States visa restrictions for citizens of six Muslim-majority countries could still mean fewer passengers on some flights, while Gulf demand has weakened, while low oil prices reward oil economies.

Meanwhile, a political dispute between Qatar and several of its Arab neighbors forced Qatar Airways to eliminate flights and divert others.

Abu Dhabi’s laptops were lifted after officials from the US Transportation Security Administration have evaluated improved security procedures in a two-hour check on Saturday night, according to Abdul Majeed Al Khoori, Acting CEO of the airport’s parent company.

The airport was one of 10 in the Middle East and North Africa, where US authorities detained passengers to obtain the largest electronic items such as mobile phones for aircraft bound for the US. At the end of March.

US officials are pushing the poles to bolster security after intelligence reports indicate that terrorist groups may be able to hide bombs on devices.

Emirates, the world’s largest long-haul airline, previously said that it had suffered a decline in reserves and had to land 13 aircraft due to visa restrictions and hand luggage in the United States electronic.

Dubai Airports have offered all our cooperation to work with regulators, supervisors and Arabs “to limit the limits of the devices, but the operator can not estimate which will be the last, said a ground door.

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