Set in the glitter of Gurgaon, ‘The Windfall’ is the novel of India’s poor little rich crowd

The history of India Shining, its growing middle class, as it is growing in wealth and consumption without restrictions, had its recent literary interpretations.

The Ghachar Ghochar Vivek Shanbag, a novel in Kannada translated by Srinath Perur says unintended consequences in a family visited by unexpected wealth.

A man makes a fortune, after a surprising and innovative company idea, and moves his extended family in an exclusive area in Bangalore. The increase in wealth comes with a moral decline.

Bangalore, a city with its recent modernity, also saw its claim by traditionalists who successfully challenged the old name of the city, so it has become Bangalore.

Gurgaon continues in the same way, his story is, without a doubt, more chaotic and dirty. The 21st century India has seen a boom in the service industry, and flourished Gurgaon, also helped by its proximity to Delhi. And now Gurugram Gurgaon.

Gurgaon is in many ways like the Diksha Basu shows in his novel, Bonanza, the opposite of Delhi, a city that adjoin. In Basu’s book, Gurgaon is mentioned in several places as suburbs of Delhi.

It would be very bad. The seamless connectivity between the two does so well (some might confirm otherwise, though).

In the bonanza, what is clear is that Gurgaon is a separate and radically different place of Mayur Palli east of Delhi.

For two decades before Anil Jha moved his family into an ostentatious mansion whose owners have already moved to Kensington, Mayur Palli hosted Anil, his wife, Bindu and his son, Rupak.

JHAs like the Ghachar Ghochar family come to unexpected wealth after Anil Jha makes a successful multi-million dollar sale to the website he had developed:

We will never know the details, but almost in a Sabeer Bhatia (Hotmail) in the same way, it lives up to the wealth. M. Jha is a self-made man, having lost his father at an early age, and obviously worked hard to make sure of his family.

But this wealth is transformed, at the age of 52, in a much more drastic way, like his wife, who seems to be against the heart with her, and his son, Rupak, who in the Ithaca end make clear what to do with New wealth, even his parents or himself.

M. Jha has seen many struggles, including her widowed mother, living a life of stress, and seems to want a transformation inspired by the neighboring neighbor Gurgaon, Chopras.

There are two strands of the story: a novel in an incredibly clumsy middle-aged stage, introduced by Mrs. Jha, Upen between Chopra and Mrs. Jha’s best friend, Mayur Palli, Reema Ray.

And Rupak Jha difficulties in college, to insufficiency of college and love. In the end, only in the case of self-awareness that has been granted in this novel, he realizes that he also failed to be a son.

These are based on JHAs and the changes in their lives. His new fortunes were completely successful Mr. Jha. The desire to excel not only to erase the last miseries, but extends to the acquisitions that M. Jha desperately seeks:

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