Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Can Be Fooled by Photo, Contact Lens: Researchers

Samsung Electronics investigate the claims of a group of German hackers who has cheated the iris recognition system for the new Galaxy S8 badge device, the firm said Wednesday.

The launch of the Galaxy S8 was a milestone for the world’s largest smartphone maker as it attempted to bring forward the humiliating withdrawal of last year’s Galaxy Note 7s leading to the fire, which marked the company’s reputation.

However, a video posted by Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a German hacking group founded in 1981, shows that the Galaxy S8 opens with a printed photo of the owner’s eye cover with a contact lens to reproduce the curvature Of a real eyeball.

“A high-resolution image of the Internet enough to capture an iris,” said CCC spokesman Dirk Engling, adding, “Ironically, we got the best results with Samsung-made laser printers.”

A Samsung spokesman said he was aware of the report and was investigating. Samsung hopes to compete with Apple’s iPhone for archrival was immobilised on the Galaxy S8 after last year’s Galaxy Note 7 catastrophe.

The memory debacle has cost Samsung’s thousands of dollars in lost profits and hammered its overall credibility, forcing him to apologise to consumers and postpone the launch of the S8.

However, since its launch in April, it received positive reviews and strong controls.

The CCC previously demonstrated a means of overcoming the fingerprint sensor of Apple TouchID – with help of graphite dust, a laser engraving machine and wood glue – a couple of weeks after the first iPhone 5 hit stores.

Traditional protection PIN was “a more secure approach than the use of body functions for authentication,” Engling said.

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