Roger Moore, the first James Bond will forever be the style icon of the ’70s

Gallardo and elegant, who overflowed kneeling women with his film perfectly in the classic James Bond. Over a period of 12 years – Living and Letting Die (1973) in a Panorama to Kill (1985) – Sir Roger Moore treated the leading detective role in seven franchise films. The man of 89 lost his life against cancer May 23 and people pay homage to the gallant in social networking sites. Not only has it become the big screen, it left a soft scar on millions of hearts with its loot. Sophisticated and charming, he created a fashion in his day and the spark of his plume is eternal. “Tall, dark and handsome,” the signature style of men seems to have been invented just for him! As agent 007, impeccable wardrobe wrote magic and completed his look like never before. It was almost as if he had been born to play Bond. She moved in double-breasted coats and arched tuxedo her 1970s fashion still resonates today. The short sleeve shirts and stuffed toys in his wardrobe were also angry. While massive funds buttons were the trend of the season, Moore returned in advanced shoe pants, marking trends on his way. Classic watches, black leather gloves and striped ties were part of their magnetic character. Whatever the hardness and toughness that Moore looked at the screen, he has never lacked his own shaved style with ease. Men inspiring to raise the bar of grace and greatness, they still linger on fashion lovers of books and will be counted as one of the most striking men of their age.

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