5 reasons why Israel matters to India

5 reasons why Israel matters to India

NEW DELHI: Defense, agriculture, trade, diplomacy and water management will dominate the talks during the current visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Israel – the first prime minister of India to visit the Jewish homeland.

In addition to his official official commitments, Modi is also expected to meet Moshe Holtzberg, a survivor of the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack in Mumbai 2008. Moshe was two years old when the attack occurred.

“Before the visit, the two countries have prepared a joint economic enterprises roadmap,” Haaretz said June 29, 2017.

“The Israeli cabinet approved a 23-page document pursuing dozens of bilateral measures and a budget of 280 million NIS (about $ 79.6 million, or Rs 514 crore) – a larger sum than Israel has never restricted to China, Africa and Latin America.

India is the main destination for arms exports to Israel, buying 41 percent of exports between 2012 and 2016, according to the Stockholm International Research Institute for Peace, an independent international research institute and conflict.

Israel is the third largest source of arms in India, with a share of 7.2 percent in imports between 2012 and 2016, alongside the United States (14 percent) and Russia (68 percent).

Early indications of cooperation came during the 1962 Sino-Indian War, while Israel was providing military aid from India. Israel has also aided India during the wars with Pakistan in 1965 and 1971.

India rebuilt during the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel providing spare parts for French Mystere and Hurricane aircraft and AX-13 tanks (also made in France).

The emphasis on partnership was the provision of Israeli artillery shells during the Kargil war in 1999, while India faced a shortage.

In the late 1990s, a critical defense contract was purchased by Barak, an Indian, one air defense missile, purchased specifically for its ability to intercept Harpoon missiles manufactured in the United States deployed by Pakistan.

Indian imports of unarmed UAVs were almost all of Israeli origin. In 176 unmanned aerial vehicles purchased from Israel, 108 are unmanned aerial vehicles. UAV Searcher and Heron are 68.

In April 2017, India and Israel have signed a $ 2 billion for medium-range surface missile system, which will provide the Indian Army the opportunity to shoot down aircraft, missiles and drones distances of up to 70 km.

In September 2016, tests were conducted on surface-to-air long range missiles developed along with a range of 70 km, designed to equip three guided missile destroyers of the Indian Navy.

India has successfully tested the air-surface missile in SPYDER’s rapid response from Israel in May this year. The Indian Air Force (IAF) plans to implement this system on its western border.

India and Israel also cooperate closely in the fight against terrorism problems through a joint working group in the fight against terrorism.

Several official ministerial and senior Israeli visits preceded the Modi tour. These were visits by Interior Minister LK Advani in 2000, former APJ President Abdul Kalam in 2008, Interior Minister Rajnath Singh in 2014, President Pranab Mukherjee in 2015 and Minister of Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj in 2016.

Three ships of the Indian Navy, destroyer INS Mumbai, INS Trishul and frigate INS Aditya cistern made a goodwill visit to the port of Haifa in May 2017 to mark the 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

An action plan for Indo-Israeli agriculture of 2015-18 is operational and 15 of the 26 centers of excellence proposed in agriculture were developed in India with the help of Israel to present the latest technologies to farmers in India .

Phase I (2010-12) and Phase II (2012-15) of the agreement has been completed, in response to the Lok Sabha.




A US-backed Arab and Kurdish alliance attempting to expel the Islamic State group (ISIS) from the southern city of Raqqa, crossed the wall surrounding the old city, said the coalition led by the United States in a statement Tuesday morning.

Coalition forces besieging Raqqa hit two small holes in the Rafiqah wall surrounding the old city, allowing Kurdish Arab forces to go beyond the fortified part of the city.

Brett McGurk, the United States’ special envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition, tweeted that the breakthrough was a “milestone in the campaign to free the city.”

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The attacks against the wall enabled the forces to choose the best entrance in the old town, to avoid the mines that ISIS had requested. Choosing a point of entry also makes coalition forces less vulnerable to suicide attacks and sniper vehicles elsewhere.

The coalition also said that only 25-meter (82-foot) sections of the wall were concentrated, in order to preserve the historic 2,500-foot wall surrounding the Old Town.

“Unlike ISIS who deliberately destroyed the ruins of Palmira and Al-Nuri Mosque and use sites such as The Wall, hospitals, schools and mosques as Rafiqa storage and weapons weapons combat positions, coalition forces are Making a great effort to protect civilians and preserve these sites for future generations, “Col. Ryan Dillon, a spokesman, said in a statement.

“The most humane way to save the people of Raqqa is to gain ISIS speed and decision, which terrified the people of Raqqa for more than three years, only in this way that people can be Raqqa keep and the city returns to peace” , Continued.

The wall breach comes after the alliance known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, surrounded the entire city after the capture of two villages in the south, which ISIS militants fled.

Raqqa was the first city where militants of the Islamist group captured in January 2014. It served as de facto capital of the Isis auto caliphate between the Iraq-Syrian border.

The jihadist group used the city to plan attacks in Europe, hold Western hostages and welcome their executives at any given time. The group also controls the ancient Syrian city of Palmira, but Raqqa is the largest city that has captured the country.

The coalition estimates that some 2,500 jihadists will defend the city. But SDF forces have made rapid progress, securing at least a quarter of the city’s districts since the start of the offensive on June 6


In Lofty Versailles Speech, Macron Tells the French to Prepare for Change

In Lofty Versailles Speech, Macron Tells the French to Prepare for Change

The new president has launched as much as an agent of change that France wanted and as a bulwark against his country a new uncertain world order.

Mr. Macron said very little since his election on May 7, cultivating a kind of mystery about his exact intentions.

It broke this mid-season on Monday in a speech that lasted more than an hour in a rare joint session of the French parliament in Versailles.

He set a high standard for his five-year term, giving a tone but largely avoiding the details.

Instead, the president returned to the campaign mode: an extended and high-flying speech, centered largely on the quasi-mystical relationship of ordinary citizens to political power. This relationship was damaged, he suggested.

For Macron split in France, the success is wide. But how? 12 JUIN 2017
Along the way, which has widespread, with moralists praise for France’s cultural heritage, a petition for the “fair and humane” treatment of refugees, the implementation of a less technological and semi-sought European Union hidden in the States United under President Trump when he warned against such “democracies, old allies, now threatening the established order.”

By American Expression standards, it was abstract. But Mr Macron was a point: the French citizens demanded changes after years of stagnation, had to change and it was man to do so.

“This is nothing less than the elimination between the French and Republic citizens, the relationship has dissolved within the framework of the mechanical exercise of energy,” Macron said.

“A contractual relationship,” he added. “Efficiency, representativeness and accountability, I want the emergence of a contractual republic.”

“Our democracy nourishes itself in action and in our capacity to change what is daily and real,” he said. “It’s not five years of adjustment and the half-measures we have before us,” said Mr. Macron. The French “waiting for a deep transformation.”

First, it was proposed to reduce by a third body that heard, the French swollen parliament of 900 members. He then told lawmakers that they had less regulation.

“We are going to put an end to the proliferation of legislation,” he said, which was not compatible with the changing economy and society that confronts France.

This motive was consistent with the disdain that Mr. Macron has shown since the beginning of the world of conventional French politics.

Surprised the traditional parties of the right and left, and now relies on last month’s elections most of its own political movement.

“The French showed their impatience with a political world made up of hollow sterile disputes and ambitions in which we have lived so far,” he said Monday.

Surveys show that the French are now more optimistic than they were in recent years. Mr. Macron wanted to encourage optimism about the future Monday.

France was asked to become “the center of a new humanist project for the world,” informing citizens to beware of “cynicism that remains at home.”

He added, “And that’s all we need to close it, day after day.”

He entered the French press, which he has largely avoided since his election, calling for “putting an end to these men hunting” to “the unceasing pursuit of scandal” and a “frenzy of shame for us” – and it has already cost several Ministers contaminated by the potential for financial misconduct.


Dispute Over British Baby’s Fate Draws In Pope and U.S. President

Dispute Over British Baby’s Fate Draws In Pope and U.S. President

Now the British boy is at the center of a global debate, drawing in the Vatican and president of Trump, in which medical treatment, if any, is entitled to receive, and decides: family, doctors and courts.

“These terrible decisions must be made all the time,” said Jonathan D. Moreno, an ethics professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “It’s very rare for a case like this to break out on the world stage, and difficult moral and ethical issues arise.”

London hospital treating Charlie asked for permission to expel him from life support. His parents want to take him to the United States, where it is believed that an experimental treatment has an opportunity – until now – to prolong his life, even though the disease has no cure.

This case is however different from that of Schiavo. Similarly, to Francis and Trump together is like saying that the two are …
One wonders if Donald would be so sympathetic to Charlie’s fate whether the child was Syrian or Iranian or if his parents did not have …

Three British courts agreed with the hospital, as did the European Court of Human Rights, which last week rejected a final appeal by Charlie’s parents.

But Francis and M. Trump also weighed in, adding another dimension to an extraordinarily thorny bioethical and legal conflict that stings the British medical and legal class against the wishes of the child’s parents.

The judges in the case acknowledged that the case reveals differences in legislation and medicine – and a willing American willingness to prove something, if unlikely if the likelihood of success – but they felt that extending infant would be inhuman and irrational . The case echoes that of Terri Schiavo, a Florida woman who was left in a persistent vegetative state after cardiac arrest and was also the subject of a legal battle.

A Vatican spokesman Greg Burke told Vatican Radio Sunday that the Pope had followed the case of parents “with affection and sadness,” saying that his desire to maintain and care for his own son until the end did not Must be ignored “.

The best pediatric hospital in Italy, led by the Vatican, to the Italian news agency ANSA on Monday that would be willing to take Charlie.

“We understand that the situation is desperate,” said Mariella Enoc, director of the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, and said she had been in contact with the British authorities to signal the willingness to take the patient, the agency said.

“We are close relatives in prayer and, if it is your desire, we are open to receive your child into our structure for the time it will take for him to live.”

M. Trump, who was not known to have expressed a prior opinion, wrote on Twitter on Monday that if the United States could help “, he would do
Glad to do it. ”

The Pope and the president have repeatedly criticized the court or hospital sentences. Helen Aguirre Ferré, director of social media affairs at the White House said that Mr.

Trump had decided to speak after hearing “heartbreaking situation.” M. Trump has not spoken to the family, he said, and does not want to “squeeze them in any way.”

“The president trying to be useful, if possible,” he added.

Charlie was born on August 4 with a depleted mitochondrial DNA encéphalomyopathique. It is considered as one of the 16 children in the world with the condition, the result of a genetic mutation.


The Latest: Police say no charges filed in Boston taxi crash

The Latest: Police say no charges filed in Boston taxi crash

BOSTON – The latest taxi crash injured several pedestrians in Boston (all local times):

Police said a taxi driver who jumped a sidewalk near Boston’s Logan International Airport that hit a group of taxi drivers has not been charged in the accident.

Taxi driver’s vehicle hit people on a Monday in a taxi’s tail area. Ten people were injured. Police said all the wounded appeared to be taxi drivers.

Authorities say the driver is from Cambridge and remained on the scene. State police said the driver was questioned by state soldiers and was allowed to leave after the interview. They say there is no information to suggest that the crash was intentional.

Massachusetts state police said a taxi driver jumped into the brothel and hit a group of taxi drivers sit in a resting area, injuring 10 people near the Boston airport.

The 56-year-old taxi driver drove pedestrians in a taxi queue area Monday near Logan International Airport in East Boston.

A police officer said the accident is considered a case of operator error in which the driver treads the pedal instead of the brake. The person was not authorized to comment on the matter and spoke with The Associated Press to remain anonymous.

State police, Maj. Frank McGinn says one person was seriously injured. Three people had less severe but “significant” injuries.

State police spokesman David Procopio said there was no information to suggest that the crash was intentional.

The Massachusetts State Police said an accident that injured 10 pedestrians near the Boston airport does not appear to be an intentional act.

A police officer said the accident is considered a case of operator error in which the driver treads the pedal instead of the brake. The person was not authorized to comment on the matter and spoke with The Associated Press to remain anonymous.

The 56-year-old taxi driver hit pedestrians in a taxi queue area Monday afternoon near Boston’s Logan International Airport in the East. State police spokesman David Procopio said 10 people were injured, some seriously.

The video of the scene showed a white car with frontal support damage against a building and picnic tables nearby.

According to Procopio, according to early investigations, “there is no data to suggest that the crash was intentional.”

Massachusetts state police said a 56-year-old taxi driver who hit a group of pedestrians near the Boston airport remained on the scene and was interviewed by police.

Spokesman David Procopio said at least several people were injured, some seriously, Monday afternoon near Boston’s Logan International Airport in the East.

The video of the scene showed a white car with frontal support damage against a building and picnic tables nearby. The vehicle is surrounded by debris. Rescue teams have loaded at least one person on a stretcher.

The accident occurred in a waiting area for taxis. Procopio said the case is under investigation.

The video of the scene showed a white car with frontal support damage against a building and picnic tables nearby. The vehicle is surrounded by debris. Rescue teams have loaded at least one person on a stretcher.

Procopio said the cause of the accident is under investigation.

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Turkey Secures Laptop Ban Exemption

Turkey Secures Laptop Ban Exemption

Turkish Airlines said it expects measures to ban large electronic devices in cockpits from aircraft leaving Istanbul for the United States.

To be lifted Wednesday, while restrictions to the long-distance competitor United account will be removed from its hub in Dubai in the near future.

Turkey Air shares rose 2.4 percent following comments from Bilal Eksi’s CEO on Twitter late on Monday.

United for its part said it was “working hard” with the authorities to implement improved airport security guidelines required by the US Department of Homeland Security to ensure exemption from the ban.

“We hope we received validation that all measures have been successfully implemented so that the ban on electronics could be lifted as soon as possible for our flights to the US,” the company said in Persian an email .

Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, has become the first airport to see the ban on laptops Sunday lifted, with the help of a pre-clearance system in which passengers are subject to the United States.

Border checks before boarding the plane. The lifting of the ban in major centers of the Middle East will serve as an asset to carriers after the measures have taken some customers to switch to airlines where they could still use large personal devices along the way.

United States visa restrictions for citizens of six Muslim-majority countries could still mean fewer passengers on some flights, while Gulf demand has weakened, while low oil prices reward oil economies.

Meanwhile, a political dispute between Qatar and several of its Arab neighbors forced Qatar Airways to eliminate flights and divert others.

Abu Dhabi’s laptops were lifted after officials from the US Transportation Security Administration have evaluated improved security procedures in a two-hour check on Saturday night, according to Abdul Majeed Al Khoori, Acting CEO of the airport’s parent company.

The airport was one of 10 in the Middle East and North Africa, where US authorities detained passengers to obtain the largest electronic items such as mobile phones for aircraft bound for the US. At the end of March.

US officials are pushing the poles to bolster security after intelligence reports indicate that terrorist groups may be able to hide bombs on devices.

Emirates, the world’s largest long-haul airline, previously said that it had suffered a decline in reserves and had to land 13 aircraft due to visa restrictions and hand luggage in the United States electronic.

Dubai Airports have offered all our cooperation to work with regulators, supervisors and Arabs “to limit the limits of the devices, but the operator can not estimate which will be the last, said a ground door.


Who Was Sally Hemings? Thomas Jefferson’s Slave Bore Him 6 Children

Who Was Sally Hemings? Thomas Jefferson’s Slave Bore Him 6 Children

In a discovery that could shed more light on the relationship between the famous Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, archaeologists discovered Hemings neighborhoods in what used to house Jefferson’s plantation in Monticello, Virginia, NBC News Monday reported.

This is said to be the first physical space dedicated to Hemings, whose life to date remains a half-solved puzzle.

Historians have debated Hemings’ role in the former president’s life, as he asserted during his first term that he has fathered children with her. According to Monticello.org, the statement was made in a report published in September 1802 by political journalist James T. Callender, a separate ally of Jefferson.

Callender wrote in a Richmond newspaper that Jefferson had for years kept one of his slaves as his “concubine.” “His name is Sally,” Callender said, adding that Jefferson had several children with her.

Although there have been rumors of a sexual relationship between Jefferson and a woman enslaved before 1802 Article Callender’s widely distributed story and has been published in many newspapers during the remainder of Jefferson’s presidency. Jefferson apparently did not offer any public explanation or comment on the claim. The whole episode is known as the Jefferson-Hemings controversy.

An overview of the history of Hemings suggests that Elizabeth Hemings was born in 1773 and was probably called Sarah. According to NBC, there are only four known descriptions of it.

Blacksmith attacked Isaac Granger Jefferson recalled that Hemings was “mighty almost white.” . . Very nice, long hair and smooth on his back. “We do not know if she could read and write, since she did not leave any written history known.

History.com said his father was John Wayles, Jefferson’s stepfather. He entered Jefferson’s house as part of the Jefferson Wayles domain legate in 1774 and probably served as nurse to the Jefferson, Mary girl.

In 1784, Jefferson was appointed envoy of the United States in France sent Maria to live with him. Hemings, a teenager at the time, was chosen to accompany Mary in France in 1787, after an elderly slave is pregnant and could not make the trip.

Sally returned with the family at her Virginia Monticello home in 1789 and seems to have served as a home and a maid.

It was after this that Jefferson, 46, allegedly had a sexual relationship with Hemings and his generous children. Monticello.org says Jefferson Monticello was the likely time of conception for every six children known Hemings.

There are no records indicating that she was anywhere else at that time, or birth records that sometimes exclude Jefferson paternity.

Hemings children were skinned, and three of them (daughter Harriet and Beverly Eston and son) lived as members of white society as adults. According to accounts of the time, some of the children closely resembled Jefferson Hemings. All six were released by Jefferson, but have never given the freedom of another slave Nuclear family. He did not disclose Hemings. He was allowed to leave Monticello by his daughter Martha after Jefferson’s death in 1826 and went to live with his son in Charlottesville, where she died in 1835.

In an article published in Nature in 1998, Dr. Eugene Foster argued that a DNA study has provided evidence that Jefferson was the biological father of Eston Hemings. The Thomas Jefferson Foundation has established a committee in the same year to evaluate the DNA study

After the results of the committee have been published, the president of the foundation Daniel P. Jordan said in a statement:

“Although paternity can not be established with absolute certainty, our assessment of the best available evidence suggests a high probability that Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings had a relationship with the time that led to the birth of, and may – all being The children known by Sally Hemings. ”

The NBC report said Monday that Conservatives Monticello worked diligently to integrate Hemings life under Jefferson’s complete story, which made the old newspaper stories cite Jefferson Hemings as concubine. The Hemings room is being restored to a possible public view.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Can Be Fooled by Photo, Contact Lens: Researchers

Samsung Electronics investigate the claims of a group of German hackers who has cheated the iris recognition system for the new Galaxy S8 badge device, the firm said Wednesday.

The launch of the Galaxy S8 was a milestone for the world’s largest smartphone maker as it attempted to bring forward the humiliating withdrawal of last year’s Galaxy Note 7s leading to the fire, which marked the company’s reputation.

However, a video posted by Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a German hacking group founded in 1981, shows that the Galaxy S8 opens with a printed photo of the owner’s eye cover with a contact lens to reproduce the curvature Of a real eyeball.

“A high-resolution image of the Internet enough to capture an iris,” said CCC spokesman Dirk Engling, adding, “Ironically, we got the best results with Samsung-made laser printers.”

A Samsung spokesman said he was aware of the report and was investigating. Samsung hopes to compete with Apple’s iPhone for archrival was immobilised on the Galaxy S8 after last year’s Galaxy Note 7 catastrophe.

The memory debacle has cost Samsung’s thousands of dollars in lost profits and hammered its overall credibility, forcing him to apologise to consumers and postpone the launch of the S8.

However, since its launch in April, it received positive reviews and strong controls.

The CCC previously demonstrated a means of overcoming the fingerprint sensor of Apple TouchID – with help of graphite dust, a laser engraving machine and wood glue – a couple of weeks after the first iPhone 5 hit stores.

Traditional protection PIN was “a more secure approach than the use of body functions for authentication,” Engling said.


Centre’s interference in Tamil Nadu politics undermines integrity of Indian Union, reflects a deeper malaise

The death of J Jayalalithaa has created a flow in the politics of Tamil Nadu, where possible political and ideological changes are under way. Some of them may have long-term consequences not only for Tamil Nadu but also for the Union of Indians themselves.

BJP plays the role of agreement-maker between the two AIADMK factions. The name of Megastar Rajnikanth recently made the rounds of him joining BJP – a rumor that was crushed by the star itself. At the same time, the proximity of the BJP and the AIADMK has cast the political space in DMD Dravidian as never before, which, under the leadership of MK Stalin, has strengthened the focus of Hindi revitalized tax policy center.

Next week, many non-BJP opposition sectors, in particular the various state political forces, as well as Congress and the left, will converge in Chennai on the occasion of the former statesman and Tamil DMK Supreme, the 94th anniversary of M Karunanidhi. The political importance of this congregation can not be underestimated. While this is happening, the government of Tamil Nadu has been severely criticized for ceding to the Center, which was a great shame in Tamil Nadu politics for decades.

Since the transfer of power from British hands selected indigenous hands in 1947, the government of the Union has systematically sought to destroy the powers and autonomous states. Delhi has largely achieved this situation, in most places, but still faces strong opposition in Tamil Nadu. Because it is not a condition and Tamils ​​are not a walk for people.


Why Half Girlfriend should never have been made in the first place

The verdict is out: Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s latest version of Half Bride is an assault on the senses if one wants to believe critics. The book is always better than the movie, says the saying. However, anyone who has any idea that literature should almost Shakespeare desi of Chetan Bhagat. It could be argued that his works have achieved the prestigious literature program of Delhi University. Well, even infallible aka Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan has worked on Dhoom 3, a horrible scam, The Prestige, it’s safe to say that everyone is wrong.
Going back to the half Bride, the film adaptation of the half novel Chetan Bhagat, full backways, did the unthinkable. The film is so unbearable that people call the book better. A look at the source material and you will know that writing was always on the wall of the bride half. What is the name of God is a “half-girlfriend” even means? Bhagat defines on his website as “a phenomenon of India.” More information about a time.
Madhav Jha, the protagonist of the book Bhagat, is the nightmare of all the girls. No, contrary to common perception, not because he is a Bihari child “from the people’s zone” with knowledge of the English language, but because he is a man-child who refused to refuse to answer. Madhav and rich daughter of South Delhi, Riya Somani, meet and pass the basketball. Our hero came at first glance and express affection while trying to catch/kiss at every opportunity, despite his reiteration that he is not comfortable.