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leader should display initiative, seek out greater responsibilities and shoulder them smilingly and cheerfully. There could be umpteen provocations that might compel a lesser mind to throw away all responsibilities in a huff and take to a life of ease, but those made of sterner stuff convert provocations into challenges and become all the more determined to battle through life. Such leaders succeed in taking the group along with them and instill confidence in each member of the group.

ties with the latter as our Prime Minister Mr. Modi did by making an unannounced personal visit in December 2015. There are many poHtical experts and analysts who cite the huge amounts spent by both the countries on defence year-after-year as an extremely worrying development and beUeve that these can be diverted to socio-economic development measures for the real welfare of the teeming deprived people on both sides. But the trouble is while we have accepted the existence of Pakistan, the latter has different dreams. So we have to be wary of our enemy’s designs. Going by the crafty and evil designs, which it has been engineering to this date, there seems to be hardly any rationale for trusting Pakistan now. It has frequently gone back on its promises. It brazenly outraged Shimla Agreement of 1972.

In the wake of the Mumbai blasts, Pakistan had exposed its intents once again to the world that it was not willing to shun its locus standi of sabotaging India’s peace initiatives. Pakistan Government’s pronounced ignorance of any terrorist outfit operating from the country on the one hand and refusal to hand over terrorists like Syed Salahuddin and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to India on the other, beat aE logic in the world. So, in my view, it is high time we started responding to Pakistan’s designs on their own turf and make preparations for showing our miHtary might once again to subdue Pakistan into sEence as we have done several times earlier. Any dialogue with regard to

estabHshing a peaceful atmosphere of co-existence wiE prove futile, because it wiE be a unilateral initiative. Pakistan has never wanted, nor wiE ever be ready to resolve the differences in a peaceful manner. It now appears ludicrous that in spite of the failure, both sides have decided to remain engaged.

Comments : This candidate has a positive approach to solve problems. He uses his resources to advantage. He approaches the problem in a logical and rational manner, and obtains the maximum benefits possible under the given circumstances. Besides being original, he is also practical and thorough. This dy namic candidate is goal-oriented and gifted. He can lead his team to success and contribute to the growth of * his organisation significantly. Selected with top honours.

No. 6 : Gentlemen, I am sorry, please. Dear friends, you must excuse me. You see whatever I wanted to say has already been said by our friend No. 5. We have identical views and if I had spoken first,

I am sure No. 5 would have reacted in the same way like I am reacting now. As I said earEer, I have read this subject with keenness in different newspapers and journals. I endorse the views of No. 5 by which we have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Comments : A mild and timid candidate lacking in self-confidence and enterprise, begetsfrightened and nervous when he encounters opposition and lacks the determination to face them with courage. He could be, at best, a useful worker under a good leader. Not suited for managerial tasks. Rejected.

No. 7From what you aE have said I conclude that it has no utiHty in real terms. The Father of the Nation beHeved in truth and not in propaganda. We should viprry about the substance and not bother about the appearances.

Comments :■ No. 7 is confused and complacent. By resorting to moralising, he is likely to cause divisions. He is also devoid of ideas. Basically, he has remained aloof from group deliberations and abstained from making any contribution whatever to the achievement of the group task. Thus, even as a worker, he would be of no use to the team. Rejected.

No. 8 : Friends, I am the last one to speak. I think there is something in what both the sides have said. I reaEv do not know what to choose and whom to support. It is best to remain neutral. Among yourselves, you can decide by | voting if you want. But I would not Eke to cast my vote. Thank you, that is aE.

Comments : No. 8 is a du/l and insipid individual, devoid of ideas and motivation. Dynamically weak, he lacks the urge, pluck ’ and initiative. He shies away from [ responsibilities, and cannot accept any risks. A p totally dependent individual who will be a big, I ! burden on his team. Rejected.  EES




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