For Budgam 2017, lessons from 1984

The article by the Prime Minister of Punjab Minister Amarinder Singh (“applauded Mayor Gogoi” IE, May 20) reminded me of the dark days of 1984, when Indira Gandhi launched Operation Blue Star. The damage to Sikh’s holiest sanctuary had a horrible impact on Sikhs. Emotions were high.
Anger went mainly to Indira. A high priority was given to protecting and securing. There were two Sikh armed guards on their security staff. He was informed that they were transferred from the Prime Minister’s residence.
Indira refused, claiming that the Sikhs were part of the country. To maintain the Prime Minister’s home, just because of his religion, we will emphasize our secularism and our constitution. The impact on the Sikh psyche would be disastrous. She prefers her faith in her Sikh guards. Horribly, it has become a national tragedy. They killed her. But in the process, India’s commitment to a plural society was reaffirmed, even in a deep crisis surrounding Amritsar’s attack and death in Delhi. This is perhaps the most important contribution of Indira Gandhi in the country.
Amarinder Singh’s article should be read carefully. Written by a congressional head of government, and as a Sikh, he called for a Distinguished Service Medal by the “bold” officer Major Nitin Gogoi. Its fulfillment is to use an innocent civilian Kashmir as a human shield, tied to the hood of a jeep, which leads to an army column in a hostile zone. The good captain later called an aggressive role vis-à-vis the enemy. But this poor man, fear and fear, an enemy? Certainly not.
Indira calls the citizens of India and processes accordingly – with dignity and respect.

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