Dispute Over British Baby’s Fate Draws In Pope and U.S. President

Dispute Over British Baby’s Fate Draws In Pope and U.S. President

Now the British boy is at the center of a global debate, drawing in the Vatican and president of Trump, in which medical treatment, if any, is entitled to receive, and decides: family, doctors and courts.

“These terrible decisions must be made all the time,” said Jonathan D. Moreno, an ethics professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “It’s very rare for a case like this to break out on the world stage, and difficult moral and ethical issues arise.”

London hospital treating Charlie asked for permission to expel him from life support. His parents want to take him to the United States, where it is believed that an experimental treatment has an opportunity – until now – to prolong his life, even though the disease has no cure.

This case is however different from that of Schiavo. Similarly, to Francis and Trump together is like saying that the two are …
One wonders if Donald would be so sympathetic to Charlie’s fate whether the child was Syrian or Iranian or if his parents did not have …

Three British courts agreed with the hospital, as did the European Court of Human Rights, which last week rejected a final appeal by Charlie’s parents.

But Francis and M. Trump also weighed in, adding another dimension to an extraordinarily thorny bioethical and legal conflict that stings the British medical and legal class against the wishes of the child’s parents.

The judges in the case acknowledged that the case reveals differences in legislation and medicine – and a willing American willingness to prove something, if unlikely if the likelihood of success – but they felt that extending infant would be inhuman and irrational . The case echoes that of Terri Schiavo, a Florida woman who was left in a persistent vegetative state after cardiac arrest and was also the subject of a legal battle.

A Vatican spokesman Greg Burke told Vatican Radio Sunday that the Pope had followed the case of parents “with affection and sadness,” saying that his desire to maintain and care for his own son until the end did not Must be ignored “.

The best pediatric hospital in Italy, led by the Vatican, to the Italian news agency ANSA on Monday that would be willing to take Charlie.

“We understand that the situation is desperate,” said Mariella Enoc, director of the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, and said she had been in contact with the British authorities to signal the willingness to take the patient, the agency said.

“We are close relatives in prayer and, if it is your desire, we are open to receive your child into our structure for the time it will take for him to live.”

M. Trump, who was not known to have expressed a prior opinion, wrote on Twitter on Monday that if the United States could help “, he would do
Glad to do it. ”

The Pope and the president have repeatedly criticized the court or hospital sentences. Helen Aguirre Ferré, director of social media affairs at the White House said that Mr.

Trump had decided to speak after hearing “heartbreaking situation.” M. Trump has not spoken to the family, he said, and does not want to “squeeze them in any way.”

“The president trying to be useful, if possible,” he added.

Charlie was born on August 4 with a depleted mitochondrial DNA encéphalomyopathique. It is considered as one of the 16 children in the world with the condition, the result of a genetic mutation.

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