Centre’s interference in Tamil Nadu politics undermines integrity of Indian Union, reflects a deeper malaise

The death of J Jayalalithaa has created a flow in the politics of Tamil Nadu, where possible political and ideological changes are under way. Some of them may have long-term consequences not only for Tamil Nadu but also for the Union of Indians themselves.

BJP plays the role of agreement-maker between the two AIADMK factions. The name of Megastar Rajnikanth recently made the rounds of him joining BJP – a rumor that was crushed by the star itself. At the same time, the proximity of the BJP and the AIADMK has cast the political space in DMD Dravidian as never before, which, under the leadership of MK Stalin, has strengthened the focus of Hindi revitalized tax policy center.

Next week, many non-BJP opposition sectors, in particular the various state political forces, as well as Congress and the left, will converge in Chennai on the occasion of the former statesman and Tamil DMK Supreme, the 94th anniversary of M Karunanidhi. The political importance of this congregation can not be underestimated. While this is happening, the government of Tamil Nadu has been severely criticized for ceding to the Center, which was a great shame in Tamil Nadu politics for decades.

Since the transfer of power from British hands selected indigenous hands in 1947, the government of the Union has systematically sought to destroy the powers and autonomous states. Delhi has largely achieved this situation, in most places, but still faces strong opposition in Tamil Nadu. Because it is not a condition and Tamils ​​are not a walk for people.

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