Lets talk about racism | Our ads preach we will have better jobs, marriages if we are fairer, says Abhay Deol

My first contact with racism comes from my own country. I grew up believing cheaper is the best. The voice of “cheaper are the best” were around me. People pinceraient my cheeks and say “je kina gora” (if so), and keep saying ‘Soni kudi Milegi’ (which will be a beautiful girl).

Child, I do not know better and lived in an environment where it is conditioned to believe that the more it is dark, the less attractive it is. Even when I was a child, I suspected that there was something wrong with this attitude, but I was too young to fully understand. Boy, I was a fan of Parveen Babi and not a fan of Zeenat Aman, you know?

It was only when I went to study abroad at the age of 18 I began to question the notion of beauty linked to the color of the skin. I have had friends of all colors and the tone of the skin is introduced in our conversations when we discuss the rights of different communities. I was in Los Angeles, far from prejudices that had been stuck in my subconscious.

In the US, he was a “POC” or “colored person”, who is part of a minority community. The only time I remember being identified based on my complexion was when other people said that the colors of my dark skin was attractive! I was attracted to the black, white and everything that happened in the middle. This allowed me to think about how racist Indians are affected. In our country, marriage announcements and even textbooks sometimes say that we will have better opportunities to find a partner if we are more just. He should not be surprised that a promising equity product can thrive in a free market here in India. It should not be surprising that advertising preaches that we will get a better job, a happier marriage and the most beautiful children if we were just. They want us to believe that life would have been easier if we had been born just.

We are an ancient culture, but a very young nation. The boundaries I use to define my identity today were designed by the British. The values ​​I have come to define myself have been preached on this earth (while having a very different border) thousands of years before the arrival of the British. There’s a sense of schizophrenia when I read the news. Seventy years are not enough to represent thousands of years of mixing and sharing knowledge, values, ideas and religions. Imagine the immensity of our old acquaintance, preserved and preached like no other on Earth; However, we are still obsessed with a problem that is so superficial. How do you feel each morning when you remove the newspapers and read the violence in our country? Every day someone kills another based on the prejudice that is usually only deep deep. If color is what we become obsessed with, when are we going to talk about the most important issues of caste, religion, corruption, poverty and malnutrition

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Can Be Fooled by Photo, Contact Lens: Researchers

Samsung Electronics investigate the claims of a group of German hackers who has cheated the iris recognition system for the new Galaxy S8 badge device, the firm said Wednesday.

The launch of the Galaxy S8 was a milestone for the world’s largest smartphone maker as it attempted to bring forward the humiliating withdrawal of last year’s Galaxy Note 7s leading to the fire, which marked the company’s reputation.

However, a video posted by Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a German hacking group founded in 1981, shows that the Galaxy S8 opens with a printed photo of the owner’s eye cover with a contact lens to reproduce the curvature Of a real eyeball.

“A high-resolution image of the Internet enough to capture an iris,” said CCC spokesman Dirk Engling, adding, “Ironically, we got the best results with Samsung-made laser printers.”

A Samsung spokesman said he was aware of the report and was investigating. Samsung hopes to compete with Apple’s iPhone for archrival was immobilised on the Galaxy S8 after last year’s Galaxy Note 7 catastrophe.

The memory debacle has cost Samsung’s thousands of dollars in lost profits and hammered its overall credibility, forcing him to apologise to consumers and postpone the launch of the S8.

However, since its launch in April, it received positive reviews and strong controls.

The CCC previously demonstrated a means of overcoming the fingerprint sensor of Apple TouchID – with help of graphite dust, a laser engraving machine and wood glue – a couple of weeks after the first iPhone 5 hit stores.

Traditional protection PIN was “a more secure approach than the use of body functions for authentication,” Engling said.

Why Half Girlfriend should never have been made in the first place

The verdict is out: Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s latest version of Half Bride is an assault on the senses if one wants to believe critics. The book is always better than the movie, says the saying. However, anyone who has any idea that literature should almost Shakespeare desi of Chetan Bhagat. It could be argued that his works have achieved the prestigious literature program of Delhi University. Well, even infallible aka Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan has worked on Dhoom 3, a horrible scam, The Prestige, it’s safe to say that everyone is wrong.
Going back to the half Bride, the film adaptation of the half novel Chetan Bhagat, full backways, did the unthinkable. The film is so unbearable that people call the book better. A look at the source material and you will know that writing was always on the wall of the bride half. What is the name of God is a “half-girlfriend” even means? Bhagat defines on his website as “a phenomenon of India.” More information about a time.
Madhav Jha, the protagonist of the book Bhagat, is the nightmare of all the girls. No, contrary to common perception, not because he is a Bihari child “from the people’s zone” with knowledge of the English language, but because he is a man-child who refused to refuse to answer. Madhav and rich daughter of South Delhi, Riya Somani, meet and pass the basketball. Our hero came at first glance and express affection while trying to catch/kiss at every opportunity, despite his reiteration that he is not comfortable.

Best 5.5 Inch Smartphone Under 10000 | Do not buy before reading this


Looking for the best 10000 Rs phone? The best smartphone hunting of less than 10,000 is not so easy. The Indian market is changing after the entry of the Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, Coolpad, Gionee and Meizu.

The competition in the domestic smartphone market is at the top. Now companies have raised the bar with watering specifications mouth with a low price. We appreciate your time and your money, so in this article, we have done our best to list the best smartphones under 10,000 does not make sense. There are several parameters we have planned to create this list.

The first one gives priority to the experience of the end user, which is the most important parameter. The Android smartphones listed below are put to the test. So, make sure the phones we have suggested are unbiased.




If you are looking for the best phone under Rs 10,000, here is our list of the best smartphones under Rs 10,000 in India in May 2017. We have seen improved specifications available on phones that have been recently launched. Mobile phones are ranked according to price and include the best Android and Windows Phone phones.

We decided to give Indian manufacturers a mistake because of the total number of phones that are almost identical to each other. With the exception of some models, all the phones below are compatible with the 4G network, so this list also includes the best 4G smartphones under Rs 10,000.


So we have compiled a list of the top 10 Android phones under 10000 rs in India.


Previously, you should look for certain aspects like good signage, good quality 4G call, backup battery, game performance, excellent auto photo camera and a good ratio. Therefore, all phones below are responsible for these features, here you go.



1.       Xiaomi Note 4 redmi
2.       Coolpad Cold1
3.       Moto G4
4.       Asus Zenfone Max 2016
5.       Lyf F1S Water
6.       Elite Max Sweeping
7.       Panasonic Eluga X Ray
8.       Micromax Evok Rating
9.       The Leeco Eco 1S
10.   Honor to 5C
11.   Xiaomi redmi 3S primer
12.   Moto G Turbo
13.   Lenovo Vibe K5 More
14.   Play Moto G 4 Gene
15.   Barrer Elite Diredo


I regret cheating on my wife with Sushmita Sen: Vikram Bhatt

The heart is a lone hunter. This may well apply to the personal rocky life Vikram Bhatt who has seen has two very public relations with Sushmita Sen and Ameesha Patel in the past. The agreement with Sushmita has led to the breakup of his marriage to the bride Aditi. When that relationship ended, Vikram had even contemplated suicide, wanting to jump off the balcony of his house on the sixth floor.

I was divorced, my movie Ghulam was still out, I was the boyfriend of Sushmita Sen I was depressed, I lost my daughter like crazy … “It was because of what I had done in my life. I had to make a mess of my life, “says Vikram. “I do not think all relationships in my life destroyed me. I think I’m a collection of wrecks.” Deceiving his wife they left Vikram with great regret. “I regret to hurt my wife and my son and abandon them.I regret the pain I have caused.I always think that when he is not brave, he becomes difficult.I have not had the courage to tell Aditi how I felt.And everything was Was a big mess, “he said. “I am sorry that it is low at the moment, but if I do not have a low, things would have been different today, but when I look backwards, it is growing, and everything teaches at least something.”

Vikram has just published a novel, a handful of Sun, which many people see as a mirror of the candle of their life. It revolves around Veer and Mira, who are madly in love with each other, but are separated by a tragedy. When they find themselves years later, they decided to throw their lovers / spouses and respective tender for happiness. “It’s not autobiographical, it’s about real life, inspired by real life,” Vikram says. “There’s nothing in Sushmita and Ameesha in this book .. Although it was my best-known relationships, I think they were the most superficial.”

SBI PO Prelims 2017 results declared, check them here

The State Bank of India (SBI) said on Tuesday the results of a preliminary examination for the hiring of audit (PO) officials in the public warehouse on its official website. The preliminary examination was conducted online on May 29, 30 and 6 and 7, 2017.

Candidates can check their results here. Enter your race number and your birth date or your registration number and your date of birth and click Send to see the results. Candidates who remove the preliminary exam will be called the main exam.

The main line exam will have objective tests of 200 points and a descriptive test of 50 points. The objective test will last three hours with four sections of 200 total marks. The objective test will have a separate schedule for each section. Applicants must qualify in each test by obtaining passing qualifications, which will be decided by the bank. The 30-minute descriptive test with 50 points will be an English test (write letters and test). Candidates to qualify in the descriptive test by obtaining referrals, to be decided by the bank. Only a descriptive test will be evaluated candidates who scored the marks in the objective tests and placed high enough according to the total score of the objective test. There will be a penalty for incorrect answers in objective tests. For each erroneous answer, a quarter of the scores assigned to this question will be deducted. There will be no penalty for leaving questions blank.

Group exercises and an interview will be conducted for those who will remove the main exam. The main online exam will be held on June 4, 2017 and with its results declared June 19, 2017.

The exercises and group interviews were held on July 10, 2017 and the results were established on August 5, 2017.

The recruitment notice of 2313 probation officers at the public bank was published on February 6, 2017. The online registration process for the examination began on February 7 and continued until March 6, 2017.

Note: Applicants are advised to keep in regular contact with the www.sbi.co.in/careers OSE website for more details and the latest updates.

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leader should display initiative, seek out greater responsibilities and shoulder them smilingly and cheerfully. There could be umpteen provocations that might compel a lesser mind to throw away all responsibilities in a huff and take to a life of ease, but those made of sterner stuff convert provocations into challenges and become all the more determined to battle through life. Such leaders succeed in taking the group along with them and instill confidence in each member of the group.

ties with the latter as our Prime Minister Mr. Modi did by making an unannounced personal visit in December 2015. There are many poHtical experts and analysts who cite the huge amounts spent by both the countries on defence year-after-year as an extremely worrying development and beUeve that these can be diverted to socio-economic development measures for the real welfare of the teeming deprived people on both sides. But the trouble is while we have accepted the existence of Pakistan, the latter has different dreams. So we have to be wary of our enemy’s designs. Going by the crafty and evil designs, which it has been engineering to this date, there seems to be hardly any rationale for trusting Pakistan now. It has frequently gone back on its promises. It brazenly outraged Shimla Agreement of 1972.

In the wake of the Mumbai blasts, Pakistan had exposed its intents once again to the world that it was not willing to shun its locus standi of sabotaging India’s peace initiatives. Pakistan Government’s pronounced ignorance of any terrorist outfit operating from the country on the one hand and refusal to hand over terrorists like Syed Salahuddin and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to India on the other, beat aE logic in the world. So, in my view, it is high time we started responding to Pakistan’s designs on their own turf and make preparations for showing our miHtary might once again to subdue Pakistan into sEence as we have done several times earlier. Any dialogue with regard to

estabHshing a peaceful atmosphere of co-existence wiE prove futile, because it wiE be a unilateral initiative. Pakistan has never wanted, nor wiE ever be ready to resolve the differences in a peaceful manner. It now appears ludicrous that in spite of the failure, both sides have decided to remain engaged.

Comments : This candidate has a positive approach to solve problems. He uses his resources to advantage. He approaches the problem in a logical and rational manner, and obtains the maximum benefits possible under the given circumstances. Besides being original, he is also practical and thorough. This dy namic candidate is goal-oriented and gifted. He can lead his team to success and contribute to the growth of * his organisation significantly. Selected with top honours.

No. 6 : Gentlemen, I am sorry, please. Dear friends, you must excuse me. You see whatever I wanted to say has already been said by our friend No. 5. We have identical views and if I had spoken first,

I am sure No. 5 would have reacted in the same way like I am reacting now. As I said earEer, I have read this subject with keenness in different newspapers and journals. I endorse the views of No. 5 by which we have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Comments : A mild and timid candidate lacking in self-confidence and enterprise, begetsfrightened and nervous when he encounters opposition and lacks the determination to face them with courage. He could be, at best, a useful worker under a good leader. Not suited for managerial tasks. Rejected.

No. 7From what you aE have said I conclude that it has no utiHty in real terms. The Father of the Nation beHeved in truth and not in propaganda. We should viprry about the substance and not bother about the appearances.

Comments :■ No. 7 is confused and complacent. By resorting to moralising, he is likely to cause divisions. He is also devoid of ideas. Basically, he has remained aloof from group deliberations and abstained from making any contribution whatever to the achievement of the group task. Thus, even as a worker, he would be of no use to the team. Rejected.

No. 8 : Friends, I am the last one to speak. I think there is something in what both the sides have said. I reaEv do not know what to choose and whom to support. It is best to remain neutral. Among yourselves, you can decide by | voting if you want. But I would not Eke to cast my vote. Thank you, that is aE.

Comments : No. 8 is a du/l and insipid individual, devoid of ideas and motivation. Dynamically weak, he lacks the urge, pluck ’ and initiative. He shies away from [ responsibilities, and cannot accept any risks. A p totally dependent individual who will be a big, I ! burden on his team. Rejected.  EES